Saturday, May 28, 2011

What happened next...

There was no internet access in the airport, aside from a Boingo hotspot you had to pay for. Like I would do that, you connection-monopolizing scoundrels.
The following is my log of our journey home.

John F. Kennedy International Airport. 27 May, 2011. 4:43 a.m.

In New York, it is 4:43 am. In London, it is 9:43 am. A few sparse airplane/port naps aside, we have been up for well over 24 hours. 

And sanity is beginning to ebb away.
We made it back to the US of A okay, but our flight to Indy was canceled. It was so weird; we were on the plane for about 2+ hours in taxi before they made us get off. They had us get on again, and then they told us the flight was canceled. Due to insane Memorial Day travel, the next flights we can get on are for Saturday evening.
I’m sure, even in our miffed, half-delirious states, we can wrangle up some adventure later on, but as it is still the wee hours of the morning, little in the airport is open besides an obliging Dunkin’ Donuts.
I also finished my book.

5 something a.m.

Positive news: We have tickets for a flight to Cincinnati at 3.
The delirium continues to increase.

She's lookin pretty rough, ladies and gentlemen.
6 a.m.

Carson, Molly, Morgan, Sarah and I find a sit-down place for some breakfast. We're a bit giddy and can't stop laughing.

9:30 a.m.

Pretty much everybody is asleep on the floor, aside from Carson, who is asleep in a chair, because he refuses to touch the floor with any part of his body except his feet.
11:30 a.m.

I wake up from a nap. I have finally managed some sleep.
Doesn't really help the sleep-deprived giddyness.
Carson and Sarah get into an argument over the grammatical usage of "we" and "us." They have bets placed. 


The card games, they are a-rollin. Only, we're really bad at E.R.S., since in our sleep-deprived states everybody's reflexes have basically died.
Keeping my fingers crossed about the flight.

3 something p.m.
We finally board...

Saturday, May 28, 2011. Morgan's House.
Well, we got to Cincinnati alright, where Morgan's parents were waiting for the two of us with open arms and a car full of pillows and blankets.