Saturday, May 21, 2011

Still stuck saying "grazie"

We got in to London yesterday, and after a long day of mildly stressful traveling, we decided the best thing to do was to simply go to a pub and call it a night.

TODAY, however, we began to embark on some more adventures.

First off, we went to the Royal Museum. I went last year, and was so glad to get to go back, although there wasn't nearly enough time to begin to see everything. I still match the walls.

 In the Westminster area, Matt, Morgan, Sarah, Diane and I went to see the Churchill War Rooms. These were the underground offices the P.M. and his cabinet and staff kept during WWII. I thought it would be interesting, but I didn't realize how enthralled I would be. The rooms stopped being used after the war, and they seem almost frozen in time. Military history is not what I find most enthralling, but this museum (which was part of the Imperial War Museum) may have started a change.

In the evening, some of us went on a ghost tour of London. It was, again, surprisingly enthralling. It was by no means a touristy, creepy, people-jump-out-of-the-crannies tour, but rather an amusing academic and intellectual tour of historically haunted places. Our tour guide was a very entertaining and informed man named Richard. You can check out his websites at and