Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Day the last (assuming the ash cloud doesn't eat us first)

It’s the last night in London. Or so we assume. Currently, the ash cloud from the volcanic eruption in Iceland is causing flight delays and cancelations in the U.K. We may be moving in to an airport for a while.

Three Mills Studios.
In addition to housing LISPA, the site also has studios used for filming and West End rehearsals. Sitings of major performers (i.e., Sir Ian McKellan, Lady Gaga) are not uncommon.
We had to pass through a subway walk on our way, and it occurred to us....
Sarah as Harry Potter in the part in the film of The Order of the Phoenix where he is attacked by Dementors.
I'm a Dementor
  • Afternoon: Hampstead. This is a positively charming neighborhood. 
  • It is where the John Keats House is. We saw the House and went on a really informative and interesting tour. 
  • Morgan and I also saw the Fenton House, a beautiful house with delightful gardens and positively dozens of harpsichords. Amidst the harpsichords could be found the occasional lute.

  • Evening: Morgan and Sarah and I went to another part of London that is off the general tourist map to see a show put on by the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts (LAMDA)
  • It was put on by the school’s second-year students, and was an adorable play called Daisy Pulls it Off. It was set in a girl’s boarding school in 1927, and felt kind of like a The Little Princess-type book for young girls. It was a very tight show, and the student performers were very strong.

Harpsichords in the Fenton House

This has been a really nice trip. I’m exhausted and a little sick, but I would stay longer if I could. It’s great to have been able to see the sights and visit the places we’ve spent the entire school year reading and studying about. It adds a whole new level of appreciation.

Even though we fly back tomorrow, I refuse to say that the trip is over yet. Who knows what kinds of ridiculous things might happen to one in an airport or thousands of feet above solid ground/ocean?