Sunday, May 15, 2011

Si, si, it was the clowns over in Piazza Fermese

Today was a muchly adventurous one. 

We were paired off and each given a location to find. Along the way, we were to explore. The people who had the most interesting/compelling adventures would win a small prize.

I was paired off with Miss Molly Connor, and our goal was to find the Parliamento (Parliament building).
Not far into our trek, we met people dressed as (non creepy) clowns in doctor coats who were part of a group called Viviamoin Positivo, and they use “clown therapy." They visit places such as hospitals, developing countries, etc., entertaining children and invalids. We ran into a group of them on their way to the Piazza Fermese, and we made friends with one named Francesco. In the Piazza, there were all sorts of kids and clowns and fun booths and dancing (check out Grace’s blog- she actually danced with them)! We got our faces painted.

The Parliament building was closed, since it was Sunday, but we made chums with the guards. Then we crossed the river and found ourselves at the Palazzo Guiotizia, which is basically where Italy’s Supreme Court sits. They had an exhibition about the unification of Rome, and the different regions. Along the way, we explored many other nooks and crannies. For instance, we tried to sneak into a car garage and look around at the snazzy cars but apparently there was a motion sensor and this guy asked us what we needed. That was a little awkward.
We walked home along the side of the river we hadn’t seen yet.
We got stared at and hollered at by lots of people and street vendors because of our faces. 

Yes, we wore our giant butterflies on our faces all day long. 

Oh, and we won the contest. :)
Check out the others’ blogs, too; we all had fantastico things that happened today.