Monday, May 9, 2011


If I have one goal for my life, it is this:

To go on many great adventures.

But as it is, I have much more than one goal for my life, and am thus constantly pulled in multiple directions and unendingly harried.

I have so far been on a few of what I would call "great adventures," and quite a plethora indeed of "mini-ventures." (You can check out a lot of them in my other blog, which I co-write with my friends, Thoughts From an Uncomfortable College Mattress.

Now it's time for the next adventure.
For the next two weeks, I'll be in Rome and London on a field study with my Honors class. I'm going with my awesome professors (I'm not sucking up; I mean it!) and some of my best friends. This blog is, I'll admit, part of a class assignment, but I hope it can turn in to something more, telling tales and weaving the legends of the various scrapes and exploits that my friends (and occasionally I ) get in to. I hope to make this a celebration of living.

Keep following, as I'll post [ideally] daily, at least for the next two weeks.