Saturday, May 14, 2011

I Can Go the Distance!

The day started out with a trip to the Colosseum. Which is huge as all get out. It’s so hard to fully comprehend what went on in and around and concerning the Colosseum. 

We went to several Basilicas and churches today, as well. We have gone to so many that they are starting to run together in my head! Highlights include: the Basilica San Clemente, which was built on top of ancient sites, including a Roman house and a Mithraen worship site; the Basilica San Giovanni in Laterano, which had gigantic statues of saints and also had my favorite of the chapels; an another San Maria of something church, which is where the San Therese in Ecstasy sculpture is housed.

The evening consisted of dinner at a restaurant near the Jewish quarter which I’m pretty sure hires the most dashing waiters in Roma, and a very handsome (and talented) dessert maker named Samuelo. Then we went to Una Nocce alle Museo (pardon my bad Italian grammar; it was something like that), and saw the Capitoline Museum yet again. There was also a concert going on. On the way “home,” Sarah and I stopped to watch a street comedian who had some awesome flame tricks.
The exhaustion level is rawther high, but things are going pretty darn well.