Monday, June 17, 2013

Return to London

This weekend, I got to go back to London!
For anyone who might not know, I stayed for three weeks in London last summer doing Drama Summer School at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama. Those were three of the best weeks of my life, and I made wonderful friends and memories. You can read about those adventures in my posts from 2012.

So obviously the minute I got off the train at St. Pancras station, I started to feel giddy.

I went to visit my friend Lysanne, who has just finished her degree in Musical Theatre at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance.
The graduating class was doing a performance of Witches of Eastwick. It was a fabulous show. They did an awesome job.
It was great to see Lysanne and her housemates again, and even to meet some of their parents!
With Lysanne and Felix

The cast

Lysanne and her cousin

Super cool hairdo!

The station near where I was staying

I also went to the Tower of London to do a bit of research for my Senior Honors Thesis. I'd been to the Tower before, but this time went to see specific places and absorb specific pieces of information. I also wanted to know what it felt like to be imprisoned/living in the Tower. It was cold and rainy, and cannons were going off just outside the walls in honor of the Queen's birthday, so I imagined I was a lady imprisoned/seeing refuge in the Tower from war!

I also got to visit Cardboard Citizens, a Theatre of the Oppressed group based in London, with whom I've been in contact over the past year. It was neat to meet the team and see their spaces.

It's lovely to be back in Bradford, though. As much as I adore London, and adore my friends there, I missed Mind the Gap. It was lovely to get back to work at MTG today!

A bookstore just off Charing Cross

A whole street of bookstores!

The White Tower

Ruins of the Wardrobe Tower

Inside the Cradle Tower. Anne Askew, one of the women I'm writing about, was held here
Cradle Tower
The Rack

Inside of the White Tower