Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A Glimpse of Mind the Gap

Here are just a few pictures from Mind the Gap! I'll post more soon, but for now, here's a glimpse of the day:

A day at Mind the Gap goes from 10-3. MTW, we have a dance session in the morning, followed by some rehearsal time. The afternoon session is also devoted to rehearsal. 

Currently, the big focus is on The Silver Moth Ball. This is a major fundraising event coming up on the 21st, and we are all busy prepping for it. We have to come up with performances, create decorations for the space, pick music to play, movies to show, stories to tell, and also assign everyone jobs for the evening.

We eat lunch/take breaks in the common area, which is called All Space.

L to R: Howard, Vincent, Chloe, Lorraine, Katherine, Anna, Chris, Euan, Liam and Jack! 

Right now, we are devising performances for the Silver Moth Ball. One of the themes that the Acting Company and the students in Making Theatre have been working with is the story of of Echo and Narcissus. We're thinking of having some of the performance happening in the main space while all the guests are mingling about.
Liam and Vincent, both as Narcissus, check themselves out in anything that could provide a reflection. (photo credit: Charli Ward)
Chris an I working on and exercise based on the story of Narcissus. We're both Narcissus, falling in love with his reflection. (photo credit: Charli Ward)