Saturday, June 8, 2013

Disability Rocks!

Mind the Gap has a street performance piece called "Chicken Coup." In it, three crazy chickens, watched by a sneaky cook, cavort about with a pram with a giant egg in it. When the chickens aren't looking, the cook comes to make scrambled eggs, but the chickens chase her away! 

This is also the second annual Disability Rocks-- a festival dedicated to creating a positive experience for people with disabilities through music and art. 

Mind the Gap brought Chicken Coup to Disability Rocks, and I got to go with them! 

It was a gorgeous day, and the festival was tons of fun. There were all kinds of workshops, food, and entertainment.

Read more about Chicken Coup here. To learn more about Disability Rocks, click here.

With Alison, who played the Boss Chicken.

With Jack. Jack wasn't in Chicken Coup, but he was there to watch and to volunteer with one of the cafes.

Watch out, chickens! 

Chicken Lake?

With Zara and Susan

Chickens getting ready to perform

Liam on break