Monday, June 3, 2013

North of England= oh so friendly

I've heard folks in the North of England are friendly (maybe akin to Southern USA), and so far, that generalization is holding true.

At first, I wasn't sure how this day would go:
I had to get through my last two hours in the Copenhagen Airport hounded by a drunk guy whose name started with an A and was obviously European but told me he was from Mongolia and he was Ghengis Khan. For real.

On the train from Manchester to Bradford, I met so many nice people, who were willing to help me figure out my stops and how to navigate the train stations, and also just talk about life.

I'm in a hotel in Bradford, now. My internship starts tomorrow. This hotel is called the Dubrovnik Hotel, and it's charming. When I walked in, there was nobody at the front desk, but there was jazz band music playing in the dining room beside me. I went and found a guy at a counter at the bar, who told me everyone at the desk was gone and I would have to sleep outside. Then he laughed. He also told me that this jazz band plays at the hotel every Monday night. "It has for a hundred years. And the same people have been coming for a hundred years. They sit in the same seats..." But it was all charming.