Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A look inside the school

No big stories from today, but some pictures!
This evening, we went to see One Man, Two Govn’orsin the West End at the Royal Haymarket Theatre, which was utterly hilarious.
This course is going to be amazing, and challenging. My group (“S4”) is getting quite close already.

Patsy Rodenburg passed me in the hallway today. I nearly fainted. Okay, not quite, but I suddenly became immensely aware of the 2nd circle and breath support. We work with her tomorrow. :) 

Ooh ooh ooh check out my awesome video of the Guildhall Lobby! 
Inside the Guildhall Lobby

Other side of the lobby

Lysanne and Marina, from Holland and Canada, respectively

The Movement studio

Ida, Shabhum (sp?), and Cammi on our way to the show.