Sunday, July 8, 2012

Day One

I got in this morning before 8 am.
I found my school, my flat, and got my phone to work, and found Bradford!
We played tourist, hitting up a pub and walking along the South Bank. We took a ride on the London Eye. This is my 3rd time in London, and I hadn't ridden on the Eye yet.
I love how international this city is.

We checked into our flats in the afternoon. We got our welcome packets, and it's all super exciting! We have classes in mask, acting, combat, period dance, voice (w/Patsy Rodenburg! be still my heart!), and more. I have already met some of the other students taking short courses here; some are from the UK, but others are from the US, Switzerland, Holland, and elsewhere. Some of the people taking courses are even a little older-- the minimum age is 18, but there is no maximum age.

I am exhausted, but excited for what is about to come.

Below are two shots: the inside of my flat, and the view from my window.

The real adventure begins tomorrow.