Monday, July 9, 2012

Classes commence

So, my plan was to have more pictures than words; however, I can’t really take pictures inside my classes all day long. It’s not like simply touring around.
But here's a picture of a very tired me in the dining hall area at Sundial Court (where I'm living). 
I will try to be brief with the words, though.
Day 1 of classes! Wahoo!
Here’s what the classes were today:
-Project (this is where we will work on scenes from the plays Twelfth Night and Closer)

The teachers are fantastic. My group has already made good friends with one another, and we even have tentative weekend plans!
 It’s so cool how international this program is, and what a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences are represented. Some students are studying drama, others hope to eventually get in to acting, but are studying other things in the meantime, and others still are taking this course just to see what’s up. I have met students from Belgium, Holland, Germany, Canada, Finland, Denmark, Switzerland, among others, and, of course, there are plenty of students from the UK and USA.
As I write this, I am talking to a dude from Venice.

I am a little star-struck. I keep sitting here in my flat going: I wonder who’s lived in this room? Or visited? Did Michelle Dockery ever visit the room I’m living in? or did she ever live here? Was Orlando Bloom dating a girl who lived in my flat?
And at the school, it’s like with every new part of the building that I go into: Ewan McGregor probably had classes in this room! Carey Mulligan probably used this bathroom! 
I mean, you never know.