Thursday, July 12, 2012

Cool blogger Girl writes in British coffee shop

I write this blog post from the Caffe Nero behind Liverpool Station.

I realize that thus far, the blog posts have been pretty superficial; for those interested, I'll have a post that's more in-depth about the actual classes at the end of this week. 

Girl goes adventuring with her oyster card, Caffe Nero loyalty card, and Boots Pharmacy advantage card!  She feels like such a resident!

 I now have seven contacts in my phone! Wheee!
Inside one of the studios.

I am here because I just finished an Alexander Technique appointment. This is a very "high-rise" part of town; it's one of the main business areas. It's quite busy, but not necessarily in the tourist-friendly way, which made for quite an adventure as I clutched my massive Jansport bag to my side whilst holding my directions whilst taking pictures with my camera so I can be less of a miserable blogger whilst balancing my umbrella. 

Because it was raining. 
On Girl's adventure down Liverpool Street.

Brits trying to get all American country. Girl was tempted to join them, but  didn't have the time.

Plus, I was walking amidst a crowd of mostly very well-dressed individuals. I was wearing my tennis shoes, gym pants, and Dad’s old sweater. Hot dog!

Girl creeps on crowd.

The extra-snazzy lobby of the Longcroft House, where the Alexander lesson was.

Girl felt out of place in  this clean room. She had been rolling on floors all day.

I landed at the Caffe Nero to use my awesome blossom Caffe Nero punch card, which is mostly filled up due to my family's trip here in March. Thanks, Mom!