Friday, July 5, 2013

More Mallaig!

Last year, I stayed in the fishing town of Mallaig before I took the ferry over to Skye. This year, I decided to do the same!

As much as I'm all about trying as many new experiences as possible, there is also something to be said  about returning to the same place.

1) I already know the town. I knew that, even though I wouldn't get to my B&B till nearly midnight, that the town was safe enough for me to walk all the way there by myself (also, the people here are so friendly that they will wait up for you to check in to their B&B at midnight. Specifically, Springbank Guest House!) I also know what to expect about food, travelling by ferry, etc., so there's less stress.

2) Last time I was in Mallaig, it was a Saturday, so most of the shops were closed. It's nice to come back on a weekday and peruse a little bit more. The Mallaig Heritage Center was open, for instance. It's full of fascinating information on the vibrant, unique, and sometimes tragic history of the Morar area.

3) I already explored the main part of town, so it's time to branch out! Today, I took a hour and a half hike up through the residential part of the town and in through the mountains/very big hills. When I first saw the sort of huge hills/ mountainous moors of the Highlands back in 2008, I developed a craving to be on them, somehow. Until today, I had never really figured out a way to go hike them. I was able to more or less fulfill a dream I've had for the past five years! Hooray!

Below are some pictures from the hike I took along the Circular Walk:

This journey was about 2 miles. The path was pretty clear, although definitely hilly, rocky, and altogether quite fun so long as you have good shoes.

Sometimes there were footpaths off the main trail. They led up the kind of hills you get to the top of only to find an even taller hill beyond...

Go ahead and judge me, but hiking this landscape + listening to Enya =  time to pretend you're  on a journey across Middle Earth.

Below are some views from the harbor. This is basically the view from Springbank Guest House. It's a great life.