Saturday, August 4, 2012

Hanging with the Glaswegians.

The journey is almost at an end, although there are still over 24 hours left before I finally reach Arkansas, and who knows what might happen!

This morning, I left Skye. It was heartbreaking, for a number of reasons, the beauty of the place and the kindness of the people among the forefront. Fortunately, my friends Lorna and Monique took the same train to Glasgow, so we had a lovely time buying each other tea at different points throughout the journey.

Last sunset on Skye
If you ever have to travel across the UK, or anywhere with landscape of note, for that matter, take an extra day and opt for the train. 

With Monique, from Switzerland

With Lorna, from Stirling

Goodbye, Sabhal Mor Ostaig! (The grouping of white buildings is the college)

I was lucky to meet up with one of my friends from Guildhall when I got to Glasgow! We walked a little around the West End, which is near Glasgow University and is a lovely, eclectic part of town. But the inevitable was bound to happen: rain. It rains pretty much every day in Glasgow. I had been warned about this; why I chose to leave my new waterproof and umbrella behind, I don’t know. As I write this blog entry, I am sipping a yummy G&T and in dry clothes, but about an hour ago I was completely soaked! And cold! If you ever go to Glasgow, BRING YOUR UMBRELLA AND UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES EVER LEAVE IT BEHIND. It was nice to see Katharine though. It’s hard to believe that Guildhall ended just over a week ago! As this entire trip has proven to turn out, it feels at once as if both as if a day and a year have passed.

I am in a Euro Hostel right now. I am in an eight person, female dorm. Hostel culture is definitely its own thing. You have to trust people to leave your stuff in a room with them. And to sleep in the same room as them!—which is not easy in the city. 

Glasgow Uni

Rain at the Botanical Gardens!

I refuse to believe that this Adventure is over just yet. I know it's not.
I know I am going to stay in touch with many of my friends from Guildhall. They are a talented group; watch for their names to one day be in lights. I mean it.
The foray into the Gaelic world-- it's a neat one. I want to stay a part of it. Go check it out. Take a short course.